Former Secretary of State Weighs in on Threat of China to the U.S.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Mike Pompeo criticized the administration of Joe Biden for playing softball with China. The former secretary of state under Donald Trump said that China is still the greatest existential threat to the U.S.

Calling Biden “Childish”

During the interview with John Roberts on “America Reports” on Thursday, Pompeo said that Biden was acting “childish” in how he handled the communist country as well as Russia. The foreign policy expert went on to say that we need to judge Biden’s approach to China through his actions and not his words.

Pompeo did give Biden credit for his early actions with China. However, he said that the Biden team still needs to do more.

This includes imposing tariffs on Chinese goods. Pompeo said that Xi Jinping will only understand real actions. Empty words do no good when trying to get a point across.

Instead, Pompeo said that Biden needs to put the U.S. first as the Trump administration did.

Taking Away the Olympics

Pompeo also slammed Biden for allowing China to still host the 2022 Winter Olympics. He said that the effects will be similar to how Nazi Germany was able to emerge as a global power after the boost that they received when hosting the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin.

He also said that blame lies with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for giving this regime the opportunity to host the games, adding that only those countries who have demonstrated responsibility toward human rights should be able to host the games.