The family of Xiao Zhen Xie, the 76-year-old grandmother who was brutally attacked in San Francisco by a man named Steven Jenkins, has managed to raise more than $940,000 through GoFundMe to help her recover from her injuries.

Amazingly, the family has decided that it won’t be keeping a dime of that money. Instead, it will be donating it all to the local Asian community and to organizations dedicated to combatting anti-Asian racism and hate crimes.

Donating All of the Money

Xie was apparently bum-rushed by Jenkins on a San Francisco street at some point on March 17. She received two black eyes during the assault. However, the video taken shortly after the incident shows that she must have fought back for the attacker was lying on a gurney with his mouth bloodied.

Details are unclear, but the woman is seen on video holding some kind of stick, which she may have used to fight back against her attacker.

The family’s original goal in setting up the GoFundMe page was to raise $50,000 to help treat the old woman’s injuries. John Chen, the woman’s grandson, is the one who set up the page. However, since that goal was greatly exceeded, the family has decided to donate it all to the community instead.

This generous decision was made at the insistence of grandma Xie herself, says her family.

Xie and her daughter Dong-Mei Li told local news that Xie was “very traumatized” and “very scared,” noting that her eyes had continued bleeding for some time after the attack. She apparently remains unable to see out of her left eye and has had difficulty eating.

This attack seems to be yet another instance in an emerging and rising pattern of anti-Asian attacks, the most notorious of which was the spa shooting in Atlanta. Though the causes of these attacks are not known and are almost certainly extremely complex, they are being blamed on Trump and on alleged anti-Asian racism by an ideologically blinkered media.

The fact that Xie had insisted on making such an enormous donation despite all of her difficulties is all the more impressive and admirable.