Two teenage girls, aged 13 and 15, reportedly murdered a 66-year-old Uber Eats driver Mohammad Anwar.

The event was filmed and allegedly occurred in the neighborhood of Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

In an attempt to steal Anwar’s car, two armed black girls turned on a vehicle which ended up crashing and eventually killing a driver of Pakistani origin.

Particularly distressing was that one of the girls was more concerned about her cell phone being destroyed than about the killing of an innocent man.

The girls have been detained in the meantime and are now facing charges of felony murder.

Walker reacts to the murder

Most commentators from social media agreed that the act presents an unequivocal abhorrence.

Yet, others used the murder to incite ideological arguments.

Hunter Walker, a White House correspondent working for Yahoo, criticized conservatives ‘’for using the event for their political purposes’’.

He particularly called out those pointing to the race of the perpetrators, including some GOP supporters and the Daily Caller outlet.

Walker said that no one bothered by the event would talk that way about Anwar’s death.

Commentators who reacted to Walker’s statements stressed that, by attacking conservatives, he actually takes part in the political discussion.

Moreover, Walker went on to criticize Siraj Hashmi, a Washington Examiner correspondent and Anwar’s fellow Pakistani American, for further encouraging far-right views on the event.

Walker specifically responded to Hashmi’s tweet in which Examiner’s reporter shared a meme reading ‘’Our Expectations for You Were Low but Holy Fck’‘*, leaving it unclear who it refers to.

Other Twitter users widely condemned Walker’s response to the event.

For example, a conservative-leaning Ohio radiologist Pradheep J. Shanker wrote that he does not understand why Walker attacked Hashmi for defending his fellow Pakistani American.

Following Anwar’s murder, a fundraiser has been organized to help his family cope with a personal loss.

So far, nearly U.S. $ 800,000 was collected and, as far as the trend suggests, much more is expected to come.