Christians in China are being subjected to ‘mental torture’ by the Chinese Communist Party who, according to Radio Free Asia, have been rounding up members of the faith and forcing them to renounce from it!

According to the network, a Christian citizen of Sichuan’s southwestern province was forcibly detained and moved into a CCP run facility, operated by the United Front Work Department and state police.

The Christian, who requested to be identified as Li Yuese, claims that he was held against his will in this facility for nearly 10 months after his church was raided by authorities in 2018.

This raid lines up with reports that the CCP enforces ‘tight controls’ over religious practices, which has led to the formation of ‘underground house churches,’ which do not align with the CCP’s ‘approved version’ of Christianity.

Witness account

Li Yuese is a survivor of one of these facilities which have been appearing throughout China, at the same when reports were made regarding CCP camps being created to detain and sterilize the Uighur Muslim population.

Li described in an interview with the RFA that the facility was mobile, and could just as well have been ‘set up in some basement somewhere.’

He claimed that the CCP facility had its own ‘political and legal affairs committee’ which was used to target Chinese Christians who were members of the underground house churches.

Li stated that neither he nor any of his inmates had done anything to deserve criminal prosecution, which is why they were sent to the ‘transformation facility.’

Describing the inside of the facility, Li stated that he was imprisoned against his will and was thrown into a windowless room where facility staff would ‘beat and mentally torture’ inmates every day.

He claims that staff would ‘threaten, insult and intimidate’ prisoners whilst the police turned a blind eye to their actions.

He continued by stating that he was not allowed any time outside, and was only provided with two meals each day.

Additionally, if inmates failed to ‘admit their mistakes,’ then they would be forced into long periods of solitary confinement, labeling the whole process as ‘brainwashing.’

Religious persecution is no stranger to the CCP

Amidst all of the chaos that has arisen from the Covid-19 virus coming out of China, reports also revealed that the Chinese state was rounding citizens of the Uighur population and forcing them into camps, where many would work, be tortured, and killed.

According to the RFA, facilities like this and the one Li described have been popping up across China throughout the last decade.

A lawyer by the name of Zhang stated that, in 2013, he was a representative for the families of Chinese Catholics who had ‘disappeared’ after being detained by officials for attending underground house churches.

Zhang states that many of these Catholics would not be returned to their families for ‘five to six years,’ as they endured similar ‘brainwashing’ procedures that Li was also subjected to.

The Chinese state, and the operations of the CCP, are growing and ever more concerning, becoming a significant threat to basic human rights and western civilization.

Their atrocities need to be addressed and punished on the world stage, otherwise, the CCP will continue their practices and millions more will suffer.