A second child has joined the present lawsuit that Twitter is facing, having allegedly profited from the sexual exploitation of both the children involved in the case.

The lawsuit originated in January after Twitter was accused of profiting from the sexual exploitation of the first child, known as John Doe #1.

This child had to endure the horrors of having his own sexual abuse material being distributed and promoted across the platform, despite continuous efforts to remove the material was made.

However, a second alleged victim, known as John Doe #2, has now joined the federal lawsuit against the Big Tech company, alleging very similar claims.

What’s the case?

The case is being run by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and assisted by the Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm, both of which have sued Twitter on behalf of the minors.

The firms accuse Twitter of violating the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, as well as numerous other protections that are enshrined in law.

The NCOSE released a statement, giving an update on the case after it was confirmed that John Doe #2 had joined with similar charges.

The NCOSE state that both children were harmed by the distribution of the material that depicted their sexual abuse and trafficking, whilst accusing Twitter of ‘knowingly refusing’ to remove the images when notified by the parents of John Doe #1.

Peter Gentala, who is the senior legal counsel for NCOSE, claims that Twitter has ‘profited’ from the knowing distribution of the child sexual abuse material that has been spread on their platform regarding John Doe #1 and #2.

He also claims that the company attempted the sweep the issue ‘under the rug,’ whilst allowing the horrific material to remain on the site.

Media reaction

In usual circumstances, a case such as this would blow up, and everyone would know about the horrors that these children have endured at the hands of Twitter and those who have distributed the straight-up child pornography.

However, the silence on the part of the media has been deafening, as pointed out by sex trafficking survivor and advocate; Eliza Bleu.

She has openly criticized the lack of mainstream coverage regarding this lawsuit, especially after a second child joined the case.

Bleu states that if the media continues to refuse a voice to the victims, then she would do everything in her power to amplify their stories and to raise awareness for the horrors they have endured.

The media continues to be silent about the case, are they protecting their friends within Big Tech from a career-ending accusation?