Throughout this whole week, the Indonesian navy actively searched the ocean for the missing submarine that disappeared on Wednesday near Bali.

A US reconnaissance plane, P-8 Poseidon, joined the ‘hunt’ with a fleet of Indonesian vessels, as well as an Australian warship.

On Saturday, Military Chief Hadi Tjahjanto declared that they found numerous parts of the lost submarine which points to the presumption that the vessel ‘cracked open’ killing all of the 53 crew members.

Did KRI Nanggala 402 sink?

The officials of the Indonesian military didn’t want to come out with public statements without proof to support those claims.

Unfortunately, the finding of debris and oil slick near the location where the submarine was last detected supports the fears that the vessel sunk and that no one survived.

Tjahjanto said that everyone was hoping that the submarine simply went off the radar to be found after a deep search, however, as the vessel doesn’t have enough oxygen for more than 70+ hours, it is realistic to expect the worse.

After the Indonesian navy came out with an official announcement that the KRI Nanggala probably sunk at a depth of 800 meters, the Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono came out with his public statement.

As he suggested, there isn’t a high chance that the submarine exploded as it would be detected by the sonar radar.

On the other hand, he did support the claims that the submarine probably sunk instead of simply going off the radar.

What caused the disappearance?

There are a lot of assumptions on what caused the KRI Nanggalla to sink and disappear.

Submarine specialists suggest that an electric failure might be the main culprit of this incident since such malfunction would prevent the crew members to perform all of the emergency procedures and resurface the vessel.

As the American plane, P-8 Poseidon, Australian warship, and a fleet of Indonesian airplanes and vessels performed the search they also found pieces of the South Korean submarine that sunk back in 2012.

The Indonesian navy has been facing many challenges in its growth.

Apart from the latest incidents, there are numerous reports on the Chinese vessels blocking and even shooting down Indonesian maritime around the Natuna Islands.