John Kerry, ‘climate czar’ to the Biden Administration, has done it again.

For some reason, Kerry has an odd obsession with issues regarding Iran, after it was revealed earlier in the year that Kerry had colluded with Iranian officials, like Javad Zarif, to undermine the position of the Trump Administration on more than one occasion since 2017.

Now, secret recordings of the Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister have been leaked, revealing some very interesting information regarding his communications with Kerry.

What did the recordings reveal?

The recordings released over the last 24 hours have revealed some very interesting information on a variety of different issues, yet there are two that truly stand out.

The first set of recordings revealed how heavily Iran relied on General Qasem Soleimani, a middle eastern terrorist who was killed in a targeted drone strike by the Trump Administration at the start of 2020.

A staunch opponent of Soleimani’s assassination was, of course, current President Joe Biden, who has once against brought John Kerry into his service as a ‘climate czar.’

However, what Biden may not be aware of is that Kerry had actually leaked classified intelligence to Zarif regarding continuous Israeli attacks in Syria, as per the leaked audio from Zarif.

Since this information came out, the Biden Administration has leaped to Kerry’s defense, claiming that information regarding the attacks was already made public.

Kerry has also categorically denied that any such discussions ever took place with Zarif.

So where does that leave Biden?

Kerry’s denial of the claims made by Zarif in the leaked recordings means one of two things, either he is lying or Zarif is lying.

Both of these possibilities create very sticky situations for President Biden, with one being simpler than the other.

Let’s say that Kerry is lying, in which case the Biden Administration is employing an individual who has leaked classified intel to a hostile state and he should be released from his position immediately.

Relatively simple.

However, if Zarif is lying as Kerry claims, then he has just backed himself and the administration into an impossible corner.

If Zarif is lying, then why would Kerry be pushing so hard to open renegotiations with Iran, whilst also praising his previous work on the matter?

The same also goes for the administration, who have come out in open defense of Kerry.

If they believe Kerry’s claims that Zarif is lying, then why would they want to work with a country that spread lies about US officials?

There’s a simple answer.

Zarif is not the one lying in this situation.

Why would he?

The recordings were made without him knowing, whilst he was discussing issues with somebody he must have trusted to reveal such sensitive information, whereas Kerry is known as a liar and has colluded with Iranian officials before to undermine the administration during the Trump presidency.

Kerry sharing intelligence with Zarif comes as no surprise given their history, and now Biden has a tough decision to make.

Does he buy into Kerry’s lies and defend him, in which case the US must pull out of nuclear negotiations with Iran, or does he believe Zarif, in which case Kerry must be punished for leaking information?