Facebook is launching a new feature that will compete with the popular social media platform Nextdoor. This addition is yet another example of Facebook trying to mimic successful ventures of its competitors to increase its own dominance in the social media space.

Details of Neighborhoods

The new feature will be known as Neighborhoods, designed to provide users with a hyperlocal extension of their current Facebook account. The feature is already available in Canada and will soon launch in Charlotte, North Carolina; San Diego, California; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Newark, New Jersey.

The Neighborhoods feature will bring people in defined geographical areas together to discuss local news, upcoming events, and more. According to Facebook, the feature will allow its users to connect in more meaningful ways.

The feature will also provide a space to solicit input about local business recommendations and to organize events specific to that area.

Users can even create their own groups through the platform based on personal interests, needs, or whatever else is specific to your neighborhood.

Neighborhoods Restrictions

All Neighborhood group pages will be restricted to users 18 and older. A separate account will need to be created apart from the primary Facebook account. Users can then select unique interests and favorite places to add to their personal bio introduction. Every group will also have moderators to enforce the rules.

The Downside of Local Groups

It will not be surprising if Neighborhoods eventually also picks up the negative aspects of Nextdoor. It is easy for these local groups to evolve into platforms for people to complain, call out other users, and argue about controversial issues.