The report published several days ago suggested that the agents from the secret Russian military unit, called the GRU, might be behind the recent attacks on American government officials.

The assaults reportedly took place on U.S. soil, some of them even in the proximity of the White House.

The report came as a consequence of several government officials experiencing neurological symptoms such as intense headaches, hearing problems, loss of balance, and possible long-term brain damage.

These symptoms are very similar to those associated with the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome,’ named after similar attacks were perpetrated against U.S. officials in Cuba several years ago.

The administration finally pointed the finger

Politico reported that, following the incidents in Cuba, similar attacks were reported over the world, including Miami, Virginia, and Europe.

However, this was the first time the GRU was identified as a suspect by governmental reports.

The media outlet believes that the identification of the suspect came as a result of an increased effort the Biden Administration put to appease the lawmakers infuriated by the events.

People close to the report, however, indicated that there is no one hundred percent certainty about the GRU’s responsibility.

To support their conclusion, the report authors considered three factors.

The first of one is that the GRU is known to be operating at locations of the attacks.

The second is that the GRU is believed to be the only Russian agency technologically capable of performing the attacks.

And finally, the military unit announced in the past that it would engage in non-standard warfare as it is not able to regularly compete with the U.S. Cuba Symptoms

When the first attacks of this sort occurred in Cuba several years ago, then-acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller described them as ‘an act of war’ and pledged to start an investigation.

Back then, the New York Times described a case of an official who was reportedly attacked by a microwave pulse weapon in Cuba.

Foreign service officer Audrey Lee reportedly experienced an intense headache while she was washing dishes in a kitchen.

The pain persisted when she lay down and prevented her from having adequate sleep during the following days.

She even lost much of her balance and was described by her colleagues as forgetful.

CIA officers who are also thought to be the victims have allegedly experienced similar symptoms.

One of them had ostensibly different symptoms, which involved loud noises that would strangely stop once he got outdoors.

Experts believe that microwave pulse weapons are the culprits for such attacks due to their capacity to be less visible and used from a distance.