Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, blasted John Dickerson, a CBS News Host on Sunday over illusive inference that Dickerson made saying that Israel was not taking adequate measures to prevent more killings of innocent civilians.

Israeli Prime Minister said that Israel was doing all they can to prevent any more civilian casualties, and even going extra miles to protect the innocents from more threats.

Netanyahu went on to say that there would be no issue if Hamas moved the rockets and their command posts from the civilian areas.

Israel is aware of terrorist’s tactics

Netanyahu further told Dickerson that they are both aware of all that is happening, adding that Hamas was firing thousands of rockets to Israel with the sole intention of murdering civilians.

He went on to question CBS Host John Dickerson what he would do if the same incidences had happened in New York or Washington, stating that he would most likely do what Israel is doing at the very least.

CBS host responded that the discussions regarding how serious Israel had taken the matter at hand were already familiar to his critics.

He also noted that having 181 Palestinians dead and 52 of them being children, the criticism was present now more than ever.

Dickerson went further to say that Amnesty International had asked the International Criminal Court to investigate a refugee camp attack, mentioning Ireland’s foreign minister, who stated that Israel had an international legal mandate to protect the children involved in the conflict, a matter that Israel failed to fulfill.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister, got back at CBS News Host guns blazing and told him that the claims weren’t true, stressing that billions of dollars have been spent to calm the situation between Palestinians and Israelis.

However, he also stressed that Hamas is working every day to cause new conflicts and break the peace by attacking Israel from civilian areas, including offices, schools, homes, and their neighborhoods.

Nonetheless, Netanyahu said they were doing all they could to ensure maximum protection to the civilians, but unfortunately, there are civilian casualties reported which they were sorry about, both Palestinian and Israeli.

He also noted that the international community encourages Hamas to continue with the evil killings when they attack Israel.

If Hamas moves its rockets out of civilian areas, there would be no civilian casualties

John Dickerson cited Tony Blinken, U.S secretary of state, who said that Israel has a huge responsibility to protect the civilians, due to the power, dominance, and strength they possess.

Netanyahu responded by saying that they are doing all they can to prevent the attacks from Hamas, comparing Israeli actions with those of other Western allies, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Netanyahu told John Dickerson that, some form of fairness should be applied when criticizing Israel’s armies on what they have done in trying to protect their civilians and minimize the casualties involved.

He further insisted that all would be well if Hamas moved their command posts and rockets from the civilian areas.