Everyone knows that Democrats often use terms that they themselves do not even know the meaning of, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as usual leads a group that tries to silence democratic discourse by labeling political opponents.

The last case of her apparent ignorance occurred when she labeled Israel as an apartheid state while reassuring the public that democracy only exists for Israelis, while Arabs are in the best case only third-class citizens.

This time - it backfired.

The fact that many Christians, Muslims, and Jews live together in Israel, and that the actions of terrorist groups like Hamas are the only cause of unfortunate events in recent weeks, is clearly unknown to Ocasio Cortez, as well as knowledge of basic political terms like apartheid.

Arab living in Israel vs. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Although Ocasio Cortez never visited Israel, she felt competent enough to question the political and social situation in the Middle East.

In the last couple of days, the Democratic representative publicly criticized Israeli defense military actions and political leadership, although she once said that she is ‘no expert in geopolitics’, just after uttering complete nonsense claiming that Israel is occupying Palestine.

What makes things even funnier is the fact that back in 2019, AOC stated how it is necessary to see the situation firsthand in order to understand what’s happening in Israel.

Yoseph Haddad, a resident of Israel and an ethnic Arab, said the AOC should stop lying because he lives, works, and is educated in Israel, and that her claims have no basis in truth.

Haddad stressed that Arabs in Israel have the same rights as other ethnicities and religious groups. What is Apartheid?

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to fighting racism - he spent almost a third of his life in a prison cell - but when he was finally released - he defeated apartheid and became the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

These elections marked the end of apartheid, a system of racial segregation that was introduced as the official policy of South Africa, a country of 52 million people, after the victory of the Boer Nationalist Party in the 1948 elections.

Apartheid means separation based on skin color, and that is exactly what that social system was.

There are numerous examples of apartheid brutality in South Africa, most common being a violent relocation of the population and the creation of areas reserved for only one racial group.

Blacks were unable to move to areas not allocated to them without permission, and the black population was generally denied any quality education.

The goal was to permanently create a social class from which cheap labor would be recruited.

It is very easy to conclude that apartheid is a disgrace to civilization and that everyone should remember it as it is.

As Haddad testified, this form of social order has nothing to do with the real situation in Israel, nor with AOC’s claims.

The Palestinian territories in Israel enjoy a certain degree of autonomy, and at the same time have absolutely all the benefits that other territories inhabited by Jews and Christians have, such as education, medical care, and the right to work.

The difference between apartheid-era South Africa and today’s Israel is clear to everyone except those who obviously don’t know what they’re talking about, or use terms like ‘apartheid’, ‘racism’, ‘discrimination’ to pursue their political agenda, just as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez does all the time…