Contrary to the strong support that President Trump’s Middle East team showed for Israel, the personnel that Joe Biden has assembled are almost a who’s who in anti-Israel policy. This is the team that drives his Israel policy where he claims to be an “honest broker” in the region.

His Advisers Have Repeatedly Spoken Against Israel in the Past

Twitter is the great scorekeeper for the objectivity of Biden’s team since it contains many of their past statements about Israel. For example, Biden’s envoy to the region, Hady Amr, has said on Twitter that he was inspired by the Palestinian Intifada. He has made similarly inflammatory comments in the past, but he is not expected to be an objective intermediary in Israel’s war to defend itself.

While it is hard to believe, Amr is not even the worst of the bunch. Robert Malley, Biden’s special envoy to Iran, has previously made comments in support of Hezbollah and Hamas. His lionizing terror groups was even too much for Barack Obama, who dropped him as his Middle East adviser.

Comparing Israel With South Africa

Reema Dodin, the deputy director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, has defended suicide bombers and made public comparisons of Israel to apartheid South Africa. The list of anti-Israel people in the Biden Administration just goes on from there. It is little wonder that progressives in the Democratic Party see an opening to undermine our greatest ally as it tries to deal with persistent rocket fire on its cities coming from the Gaza Strip.

This seems to be the future of the Democratic Party as it seeks to distance itself from a country that has stood with the U.S. time and again for over seven decades.