Israeli Prime Minister Criticizes Claims that Reporters Were Lucky to Escape Bombing

In a Sunday interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized claims that said that reporters working for the Associated Press were lucky to escape the building that was bombed over the weekend.

Details of Interview

During the interview with John Dickerson, Netanyahu said that the reporters were not lucky. According to Netanyahu, everyone got out of the building safely simply because the Israeli military gave them sufficient warning to escape before bombs leveled the building.

The Israeli leader went on to say that his government “took special pains” to alert the people in the building that the bombing was coming. This is why there were no injuries reported after this event. Netanyahu said that his military does its best to avoid civilian casualties, as evidenced by the steps they took with the building’s occupants.

Saturday’s Bombing

Saturday’s bombing in Gaza City brought down a 12-story building that was home to various media outlets, including The Associated Press, Al-Jazeera, and more. There were also residential apartments and other offices housed in this building. The structure was bombed by Israeli military plans after days of escalating violence between Palestinian and Israeli forces.

Israel is being criticized for the move by many. Critics claim that the move by the Israeli Defense Forces is an obvious ploy to target the media in an attempt to disrupt press coverage of the situation in Gaza City. However, Netanyahu defended the decision to Dickerson, saying that he will not tolerate Arabs killing Israelis and Jews or Jews killing Arabs.