CNN has never been known for its objectivity in “reporting” the news. Its latest stunt involves employing a reporter who has gone to lengths to praise Hitler. While it seems too far-fetched to be believed, a reporter for a major news network actually said on Twitter that “the world needs a Hitler.” The statements were made by a CNN contributor on the ground in Pakistan.

This is far from the first instance in which this CNN reporter had made grotesque statements on social media praising the Nazi genocide of the Jews. Yet, CNN has done nothing to this point to discipline the reporter or fire him. Apparently, the network also does not vet the people whom it relies on for information.

This Reporter Has a History of These Statements

Apparently, this reporter has an affinity for butchers, having also sent treats urging on the Taliban and ISIS, specifically asking them to commit violence against Jews.

For its part, CNN claims to have never heard of its own reporter who is making vile statements on social media. Nonetheless, when the network figured out that the person praising Hitler was in fact its paid employee, it finally moved to terminate him.

Today, this CNN contributor seems to be representative of the anti-Semitic sentiment that is raging in much of the Muslim world. There is very little distinction between their hatred of Israel and Jews. However, the mainstream media covers this up in their obsession to blame Israel for the violence in the region, making Jews across the world a target for hate crimes. People such as Mike Pence have gone to great lengths to stand with Israel when it is under vicious assault as it seeks to defend its own citizens.