Mobs of pro-Palestinian protesters assaulted Jewish Americans in several public venues in New York City, in the wake of anti-Jewish violence from similar groups in Los Angeles that happened over the course of last week.

These anti-Jewish outbursts by pro-Palestinian thugs are a grim reminder of the anti-Jewish pogroms that took place in the 1930s and following decades.

The attacks in New York City began on the same day as a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Islamist militant group Hamas, after nearly two weeks of conflict escalation.

Pro-Palestinian protests in New York City on Thursday night grew into assaults on Jews in various parts of the city.

Nothing but a hate crime!

At one NYC restaurant, a group of pro-Palestinian thugs tossed a water bottle and spit at a diner and his wife, and when the victim threw the water bottle back at the attackers, they physically assaulted him.

In another incident, pro-Palestinian “protesters” started throwing homemade explosives to target Jewish Americans in Manhattan’s diamond district!

One Jewish American New Yorker was attacked by a Palestinian mob on the way to his synagogue.

He described the harassment as a “textbook anti-Semitism”, stating Jews in the US would remain in danger until the public starts acknowledging threats for his community.

Another case involves an older man who was severely beaten for wearing a Yarmulke while crossing a street in Times Square.

The Hate Crime Task Force of the NYPD is investigating the gang attack.

Anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the US

The night before, on Wednesday, another group of pro-Palestinian attackers drove around with megaphones in a largely Jewish populated area of Los Angeles, La Cienega, and Beverly.

The Palestinian thug drivers were yelling, “F**k the Jews!”, and threw objects at people sitting in a restaurant.

The same pro-Palestinian group attacked two people on a sidewalk, and one of the victims had to be hospitalized as a result.

In the past couple of days, anti-Jewish attacks have also occurred in Utah and Illinois.

A Jewish family with three children in primary school was attacked in Englewood, New Jersey, by a Palestinian protestor as they were returning home from their synagogue last Sunday.

The Anti-Defamation League, an NGO which monitors anti-Semitism around the globe, reported almost 200 anti-Jewish incidents in the US after the breakout of the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict.