Amid the growing tensions in the Middle East, there have been increasing reports of anti-Semitic attacks the U.S. One of the most recent incidents involved a Major League Soccer goalie in New York.

Just 20, he was allegedly accosted by a group of Palestinians who threatened him with death if he was Jewish. They brandished knives when they asked him if he was Jewish. The soccer player was not, but casually asked the Palestinians what would happen if he was. When told he would be beaten and killed, he verbally accosted the aggressors.

There is a rising tide of anti-Jewish sentiment in the world. Another person was beaten and pepper sprayed by a pro-Palestinian mob in Times Square.

He ended up in the hospital for treatment. While an earlier mass shooting of Asian women in Atlanta sparked an endless round of Facebook solidarity, there is little support for the Jewish community. The same people who stand with everyone else abandon Jews under attack.

Some Opposition to Israel May Be Anti-Semitic

All of this results from the mass hysteria unleashed against Israel when the country took precise action to respond to rocket fire raining down from Gaza. Much of the world strenuously objects when Israel defends itself and then chooses to take their hatred out on any Jew in their path. There is little dividing line left these days between anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism as opponents of Israel have blurred the line. In the end, Jews worldwide end up in danger whenever Israel fights back when attacked.