Dark Mode Disappearance Affecting Android and iOS Users

While this is definitely a first-world problem, many Facebook users are lodging complaints that the dark mode function has disappeared from the popular app. The dark mode disappearance seems to be affecting both Android and iOS devices.

Why the Disappearance?

The disappearance of the dark mode function is being blamed on a recent update. The problems began when users started to apply the 320. update. Facebook says that the issues with Android users have since been resolved. However, the social media giant has not confirmed if the problem has been fixed for iOS users.

What iOS Users Can Do

The good news is that there appears to be a workaround for iOS users who may be missing this feature. This fix involves uninstalling Facebook and then reinstalling it from the app store.

If that does not restore the dark mode function, users need to force quit the app. Once that has been done, users can scroll to the app section of the settings and select the options labeled “upload HD video” and “upload HD photos.” For some unexplainable reason, enabling these settings seems to restore the dark mode function.

Why the Uproar?

While it may seem like a trivial issue, many Facebook users were upset about the disappearance of this function. Without dark mode, it can be difficult for some people to scroll through the app without it hurting their eyes.

It did not take long for users to flock to social media to complain about the absence of the feature. For some, the permanent fix to the function cannot come soon enough.