While Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and other climate activists of the same sort have been hijacking the global agenda of governments and societies around the world, the best rebuttal ever of their obnoxious and pretentious whining has been a brief segment from an Australian TV show.

In that brief bit, which is a must-watch on YouTube, Alan Jones, an Australian conservative commentator, reads a letter called “Growing up” sent to him by an anonymous author.

The piece itself is a staggering and utterly efficient reaction to what was called “climate strikes” in Australia back in September 2019, which was caused by a call to action by Greta Thunberg.

Many of those attending the climate strikes, which themselves brought about a major stir in Australian media, were youngsters who skipped school.

Target Locked: Hypocrisy

As a reaction to those protests, Alan Jones, a famous media figure in Australia, spoke out about the fact that those youngsters were actually brainwashed.

Many of the protesters were young snobbish kids impudently manipulated and used in adults’ political games.

The video of Jones reading out the piece entitled “Growing Up” infuriated Greta Thunberg and other young climate activists, causing a massive circulation of the video on social media platforms such as Twitter and Rumble.

In the “Growing Up” piece, the author addresses young climate protesters, pointing out they are the first generation of children asking for air-conditioned classrooms, TVs, and computerized education, not to mention the fact how they spend most of the time on electronic devices.

The generation that protests over climate is in fact the same generation that goes to school in private cars, rather than by walking or riding bicycles, and these youngsters are the biggest consumers ever of manufactured goods, the unknown author reminds.

Wake up and grow up!

The author underscores the hypocrisy of protesting over climate while seeking to constantly acquire new consumer goods to stay fashionable and getting all of your entertainment from electronic devices.

Those who stimulate the climate protests are the same groups who are spiking population through immigration thus causing a greater demand for energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

That is how more and more of the environment gets destroyed – more people mean fewer forests.

The author urges the protesting students to ride a bike or walk to school, to read a book instead of staying glued to the screens of their smartphones, to turn off the air-conditioning, and to cook instead of consuming manufactured fast food.

The author concludes, however, that none of that could possibly happen considering the young protesters are the same as those who incentivize them: namely, both groups delude themselves that they are serving a noble cause while at the same time take part in a full-fledged Western consumerist, luxury lifestyles.

The piece ends by telling those youngsters to wake up and grow up, and check their facts before going out to protest.