Warning Comes After Biden Pushes for Chinese Pandemic Accountability

A state-run media outlet in China is warning that the Communist country must begin preparations for nuclear war with the U.S. The Global Times issued the statement in response to President Joe Biden’s decision to continue to probe deeper into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

Global Times Article

The Global Times article was published on Monday, shortly after Biden instructed U.S. intelligence to investigate where the virus originated. The author of the article, Hu Xijin, said that China needs to continue to build its arsenal of strategic missiles and nuclear warheads in an effort to prepare for a showdown with the U.S.

Xijin went on to say that the Chinese government must be prepared to face hostility with the U.S. by using their military strength.

U.S. Response

There is no doubt that tensions between the two countries have been escalating lately. In February, STRATCOM Commander Adm. Charles Richard warned that the conflict between Russia and China could also draw in the U.S. As a result, Richard said that the U.S. needs to look at a nuclear entanglement as a real possibility rather than a threat that is no longer applicable.

Understanding Global Times and Its Relation to the Chinese Government

It is important to understand the relationship between the Global Times and the Chinese government.

The newspaper is known for its opinions and pieces that are often more extreme than the official message coming from the Chinese Communist Party. The publication often puts out articles that reflect the true opinions of the party leaders.