Animal Kingdom Always Full of Surprises

The inhabitants of the animal kingdom are constantly surprising humans. A Russian cat named Musya is proof that animals are always smarter and more intuitive than we give them credit for.

Sadgorod Zoo

This particular story begins at the Sadgorod Zoo in the city of Vladivostok, located in southeast Russia. In addition to being a traditional zoo, Sadgorod also uses its resources to foster animals. One special resident of the Sadgorod Zoo is particularly precious.

Musya the cat first showed her nurturing skills when she jumped in to mother a new litter of kittens that were brought to the zoo. This act was just a harbinger of things to come.

Baby Hedgehogs Call Zoo Home

The Sadgorod Zoo received new residents when a group of eight orphaned baby hedgehogs was given to the facility to take care of. The zoo first tried to feed the little hoglets milk using bottles or a syringe. Unfortunately, the babies did not want to eat this way.

In most cases, the best solution would have been to encourage a nursing mother of the same species to act as a wet nurse for the malnourished babies. However, the zoo did not have a mother hedgehog to get this job done. The zoo was running out of time to figure out a way to encourage the babies to eat.

Enter Musya

Sadgorod Zoo Deputy Director Alyona Asnovina then had a brilliant idea to put Musya with the hoglets to see what would happen. The good news is that Musya’s mothering instincts immediately took over. The hoglets flocked to the cat and began nursing, providing them with the milk that they needed to grow and thrive.