Vessels Could Be Headed to Venezuela

Two Iranian naval vessels sailing across the Atlantic Ocean are raising the eyebrows of the U.S. national security forces. The two vessels are allegedly carrying mysterious cargo with an unknown final destination.

While officials in the U.S. do not have confirmation about the destination of the ships, intelligence indicates that they are headed to the South American country of Venezuela.

Why the Concern

If these vessels are indeed headed to Venezuela, the fear is that the Iranians may be looking to increase tension with the U.S. at this pivotal moment in the history of relations between the two countries. The simple fact that the final destination is not known combined with the mystery about the cargo is raising security concerns.

It is no secret that the Iranian military has been threatening U.S. interests lately, making security officials worried that these vessels may become another tool in their arsenal.

Both Venezuela and Iran have been the focus of U.S. sanctions over the last few years. This common thread has united the two countries in many facets of international policy.

Details About the Vessels

The two vessels include an Iranian frigate and the Makran. The Makran is particularly worrisome as it is a former oil tanker that has been converted to a floating stage for various military operations. Officials say that the Makran could be used as a command center and a staging area for Iran to launch electronic warfare and other types of special operations, including an extensive fleet of helicopters and drones.

The vessels are currently moving south as they run parallel to the east coast of Africa.