Iran’s largest supply vessel, the Kharg, sank after catching fire near Jask in the Gulf of Oman. Firefighters attempted to put out the fire on the ship, which was used to supply other Iranian navy vessels and for training exercises, for 20 hours before the ship finally succumbed to the damage caused by an unknown system failure. Authorities are calling the fire on the vessel, which first launched in 1977, unusual. All soldiers and others on board were able to evacuate safely.

The Gulf of Oman Hotbed for Political Tensions

The Gulf of Oman is a hotbed for political tensions. The Gulf of Oman connects to the Strait of Hormuz, an important shipping channel in international commerce.

Many Western countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have been vocal opposing Iran’s control of the channel. The accident occurred during talks between President Biden and the Iranian government. Additionally, the accident occurred less than a month after a terrorist organization Hamas thanked Iran for supplying weapons it used to attack Israel.

Series of Unusual Accidents

Iran has seen many unusual accidents over the last several months. Israel reportedly attacked the Natanz nuclear facility so badly that Iran will not be able to enrich uranium for at least nine months. A fire along an oxygen transmission line between the Mobin Petrochemical plant and Damavand Energy Company in Asaluyeh, Iran, killed one person and severely injured two others on May 26.

Officials with the Iranian government blamed cryptocurrency mining and hot weather for the three fires, which occurred at petrochemical facilities within the week leading up to the May 26 fire at the plant, producing electricity for the country.

In Iran, state media showed pictures of the ship burning. Otherwise, the state media has been very quiet about the catastrophic events occurring in the country.