Los Angeles police had to “wrestle” away a big knife from the hands of a young white woman who approached the stage while a mayor candidate was giving a speech.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Venice Beach while Joe Buscaino, a member of the Los Angeles city council and its President pro tempore, was addressing supporters.

Buscaino, a Democrat who is running to become the next mayor of the city of Los Angeles, is a former policeman.

The apparent assault attempt by the young woman with hippy looks was caught in a series of videos by reporter Kate Gagle who shared them on Twitter.

As the videos show, a blonde woman wearing red suspenders can be seen to be in possession of a large knife, and is later disarmed by LAPD officers while Buscaino makes an exit from the fray.

The mayoral candidate can be seen jumping over a wall surround the parking lot where his rally was held, and then running away.

The supposed attacker at first refuses to give up the knife and insults the police officers.

One policeman is said to have been injured in the brawl.

Not the first time she attacked someone

One of the videos of the incident shows Nico Ruderman, a local resident, explaining he saw the woman taking out the knife, and stating that she was about to begin “killing people.”

Another short video shows the same woman dropping the large knife on the ground, and then picking it up, and hiding it in her overalls.

A third video then captures how the police officers manage to take the knife from the woman while she hurls insults at them, with a voice telling her to stop fighting.

Pictures of the incident and the large knife were captured by Patrick T. Fallon, a photojournalist.

The violent young woman ends up getting arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, as Democratic LA mayoral candidate Joe Buscaino’s rally starts to disperse.

The same woman took part in another altercation, as shown in a 30-minute-long video that keeps vanishing from Twitter.

At one point in that older video, the knife-wielding attacker can be seen trying to bash a person with a concrete base post.

It remains unclear whether the arrested woman is a resident of a nearby homeless camp.

Los Angeles and much of the West Coast are plagued by rampant homelessness, an issue Buscaino raises in his mayoral campaign.