Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Parliament in Fiery Speech

The former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a fiery speech to parliament on Sunday, promising that he will once again return to power. New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is set to take over the country as the leader of a minority nationalist party.

Netanyahu’s Address

In his address to parliament, Netanyahu promised that he will continue with what he said is the greatest mission of his life to ensure the security of Israel. Netanyahu was booted from power by a coalition of varied political groups from all sides of the aisle.

Bennett’s Address to Parliament

Bennett took to the stage prior to Netanyahu’s address to speak to his new colleagues in parliament.

In his address, Bennett ran into discontent as supporters of Netanyahu yelled that he was a liar and a fraud as he was trying to speak. It is clear that Bennett is going to have a difficult time gaining support as he attempts to assert his power.

Current State of Israeli Politics

Many political observers think that the Israeli government is destined to collapse in the coming weeks. With so many different political parties along all ends of the spectrum trying to run the government, it is hard to see anyone seeing eye to eye. The only thing that seemed to unite this hodgepodge of beliefs is that they all wanted to see Netanyahu removed from power.

This lack of agreement on most issues may contribute to Netanyahu sliding back into power by the time the dust has settled on the political landscape of this disrupted country.