The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) has been pressuring the government of Israel to “nix” a planned Flag March for the celebration of Jerusalem Day, which has been put off twice already.

In a statement on Sunday, the PLO declared there would be an “explosion” if the Jerusalem Day March is held as planned on Tuesday, as cited by YNet.

A huge security risk

The Flag March in Jerusalem’s Old City was originally scheduled for May 10 but got canceled at the last minute when terrorist group Hamas started to fire rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip last month.

The new date for the Flag March was set for June 10, but Israel’s Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai and some lawmakers urged its postponement because of further threats from Hamas.

According to Police Commissioner Shabtai, the event that was previously supposed to take place last Thursday had to be put off for the second time due to the terrorist threats.

Because of the double postponement of the Jerusalem Day March, the leader of the rightist party Otzma Yehudit, Itamar Ben Gvir, has called for the resignation of Israel’s police chief.

Ben Gvir argued that succumbing to Hamas’ threats has allowed the terrorist organization to have a say over the policies of Israel’s authorities.

As the right-wing leader has vowed to lead Jerusalem’s Flag March himself, police chief Shabtai lambasted him for actually threatening the “public order”.

He alleged that “Ben Gvir’s intended march” would certainly cause disturbances and harm Israel’s national security.

After the second postponement of the Jerusalem celebration, Ben Gvir lashed out against the police chief and the Israeli lawmakers who advocated the measure in order to evade an attack by Hamas.

Disagreement between Israeli police and right-wingers

The right-wing leader declared he was going to lead the Jerusalem Day March through the Old City’s emblematic Damascus Gate regardless of the opinion of the Israeli police.

Ben Gvir, who is a member of the Knesset, the Israeli legislature, further described the failure to hold the Flag March on time as “the end of democracy” in Israel.

He stated that the police commissioner had failed to tackle recent Palestinian riots throughout Jerusalem and accused him of violating the lawmakers’ immunity since the members of the country’s parliament are allowed to travel anywhere in Israel, and the police are not allowed to stop them.

Ben Gvir had previously called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to backtrack on his decision to put off the Flag March.

On Sunday, Netanyahu was ousted after 12 years in power after a wide coalition formed a new Cabinet with a parliamentary approval.

Israel’s police chief Shabtai stated he is going to hold Ben Gvir accountable if any activists followed him on a Flag Day March and violence broke out.

Eventually, Ben Gvir decided against leading an actual march, and instead went to the Old City’s Damascus Gate where he called once again for Shabtai’s dismissal.