A high-profile Chinese defector has been working along with the US Defense Intelligence Agency for the last few months. For some time, this person’s identity has been shrouded in secrecy, but we now have confirmation about who the defector is.

We also know what this person’s position was in the Chinese government.

First, however, here is a bit of background on this story.

Major Chinese Official Defects

According to Matthew Brazil and Jeff Stein of Spy Talk, there has long been a rumor about a major Chinese official switching over to the American side back in February.

Rumors had it that this person is a Chinese Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei, and both Chinese Twitter and more mainstream communist-controlled media outlets have been vigorously abuzz with speculation to that effect.

It was said that Dong boarded a plane in Hong Kong with his daughter Dong Yang, flew over to the United States, and defected.

We now know that these rumors are true. The defecting Chinese official working with the DIA is, in fact, Dong Jingwei. Public records indicate that Dong had been promoted to the post of Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of State Security in April of 2018. He had a large role in the country’s spy-catching and counterintelligence efforts.

This now makes Dong the most high-profile defector in the entire history of China.

The true story of Dong’s defection runs as follows.

From Hong Kong, he boarded a plane to California on the pretext of visiting his daughter, who is a university student there. Upon landing, Dong reached out to the DIA, informed them of his desire to defect, and offered them a trove of secret information that he had in his possession.

From there, Dong laid low for two weeks before vanishing into DIA custody. He has been working with the DIA ever since.

Until recently, this was all so secret that it appears that even Secretary of State Anthony Blinken didn’t know about it. When the Chinese government demanded Dong’s return, Blinken insisted that the US did not have him, apparently because no one outside the DIA even knew that he had defected.

According to experts and sources within the intelligence community, not only does the information Dong provided appear to be reliable and accurate, but it specifically pertains to China’s biological weapons programs, the work that the Chinese military did at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the ultimate origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Dong has provided things like financial records proving government funding of research into this virus, early studies of its pathogenicity, and other information about US citizens and Chinese spies provide information about the US to the Chinese government. Dong has also provided the DIA with copies of the information on Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

If all of this information checks out — as it apparently does — this is massive.