Australia’s Senate, the upper house of the country’s parliament, approved on Monday night a bill calling upon the federal government to prevent the teaching of critical race theory, a key tenet of Marxist indoctrination spread in the West by the far left.

A total of 30 Australian senators voted in favor of banning the doctrines of critical race theory from the national curriculum, while 28 senators voted against it.

The motion was supported by the ruling Liberal-National Coalition, an alliance of center-right parties, and by the two senators of the right-wing One Nation.

One of those two senators is One Nation leader Paulin Hanson.

Hanson proposed the motion urging the federal government of Australia to reject the teaching of the Marxist critical race theory in Australian schools.

The motion was opposed by the senators from the opposition Labor and Green parties.

Education instead of indoctrination

The by now highly infamous critical race theory is a set of doctrines invented by Marxist academics.

It borrows the concept of the “class struggle” so prominently and disastrously exemplified by former communist societies such as the Soviet Union but instead replaced “class” with “race”.

Critical race theory alleges that societies such as the US or Australia, or any Western society for that matter, were constructed upon “structural racism”, and that humans are defined by their race, gender, and other identities, and divided into “oppressors” and “oppressed” based on those.

Earlier this year, a proposed revision of the Australian education curriculum spurred an outrage by seemingly imposing critical race theory on the classrooms while seeking to eliminate the country’s Judeo-Christian and British heritage.

The draft syllabus in question had erased all references to the democrat and Judeo-Christian heritage of Australia.

Hanson herself wrote on Facebook that children deserve education instead of indoctrination and that the divisive ideology of the radical left has to be kept away from Australian schools.

Australian senator Mehreen Farooqui from the Greens party, an anti-racism spokeswoman for the Greens party for her political formation, described the newly passed anti-CRT motion as “far-right hatred.”

She defended critical race theory for being the study of “systemic racism”, which has been used by the far-right to suppress racial justice.

A recent public opinion poll by the Institute of Public Affairs discovered that most Australians did not approve the teaching CRT and identity politics in classrooms.

Former US President Donald Trump has recently called in an op-ed on the US government to remove the “anti-American” doctrine from education.