File this away under the headline of sports fans doing ridiculous things to endanger athletes. One fan altered the course of the 2021 Tour de France, causing a crash when her outrageous cardboard sign caused a massive pileup. Police are investigating, and the woman could face criminal prosecution.

One Sign Caused a Massive Pileup

Large bike races are just like NASCAR events in that a crash with one rider could quickly gather in much of the field. Here, the boneheaded fan thought that she would step out onto the street to get a picture holding her nonsensical sign. What happened next was pure carnage from a racing standpoint. One cyclist struck the sign and crashed to the ground. Dozens of competitors were caught up in the chain-reaction crash.

As a result of the crash, three cyclists saw their Tour de France’s ended early. One competitor suffered a severe wrist contusion from his fall.

Fans Have Been Misbehaving at Many Sporting Events

While fans are pleased to be back on the side of the road for this year’s competition after the pandemic, overexuberance puts the cyclists at risk. This is just the latest episode of fans behaving badly at sporting contests. The NBA has been awash in incidents of fan misconduct that put players’ safety at risk. However, fans have knocked players out of games by causing injuries.

This particular spectator is on the run, trying to avoid arrest. She is reported to have fled the country entirely.

The woman is believed to be German, and she got on a plane and vanished. Fans need to learn that photos for their own social media should not risk the integrity or safety of the game.