House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that he would introduce a bill to support Israel’s air defense system known as Iron Dome.

McCarthy, who is also a Republican Representative from California, will put forward a bill that would provide Israel with the requested $1 billion, aimed at strengthening the country’s defense mechanisms against the Palestinian attacks.

The bill, expected to be launched on Thursday, would grant the possibility for Israel to pull the $1 billion funds over the next two years in case it needed them for the improvement and maintenance of Iron Dome.

Omar characterized Israel and the U.S. as terrorist organizations

Several other Republican Representatives co-sponsored the bill.

These include Steve Scalise, a Minority Whip and a Representative from Louisiana; Kay Granger, a Ranking Member on the Appropriations Committee and a Representative from Texas; Mike Rogers, a Ranking Member on the Armed Services Committee and a Representative from Alabama, as well as Michael McCaul, a Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee and a Representative from Texas.

However, the introduction of the new bill has been largely overshadowed by the outbursts from Ilhan Omar, a Democratic Representative from Minnesota.

In an interview with CNN, Omar uncompromisingly characterized Israel and the U.S. as terrorist organizations.

She further raised certain comments against Jewish lawmakers, describing them as unwilling to promote global justice in a way she does as a person who experienced injustice firsthand.

Omar stressed that she nonetheless always welcomes any conversations in which she and her opponents could learn from each other.

Turbulences among the Democrats

Many commentators described Omar’s remarks as a way to cover a significant decrease of popular support for the Biden Administration, along with a recent Democratic initiative to create a commission that would investigate the January 6th Capitol storming.

Namely, several recent polls yielded unfavorable results for Democrats.

These polls suggested that both President Biden and Vice-President Harris have lost much support, especially from Democratic voters.

The area perceived the least favorably is the current administration’s southern border policy.

If Democratic officials do not change how they conduct policy and present themselves to the public, they are set to experience significant troubles during the 2022 midterm election.