John Kerry, current Special Presidential Climate Envoy and former U.S. Secretary of State discussed the next steps that should be taken in the fight against climate change.

In a Zoom talk, Kerry underscored that the climate projects need to be conducted regardless of the spending amount they might require.

The Climate Envoy also criticized the current pace at which the funds are being collected, saying that the money for climate projects must come in faster.

Some commentators criticized Kerry for neglecting the fact that the U.S. has a high national debt rata and that money at the government’s disposal should rather be used for more urgent matters.

Others pointed to Kerry’s controversial involvement with Iranian diplomats, particularly during former President Trump’s presidential term.

Controversial meetings with Iranian diplomats and Syria claims

Kerry allegedly met with Iranian diplomats several times during Trump’s presidency.

Kerry himself confirmed that some of these meetings occurred.

In an interview with a radio presenter Hugh Hewitt, Kerry acknowledged that he organized three or four meetings with Javad Zarif, a former minister in Iran’s government.

Kerry said that he discussed the Iranian nuclear deal with his colleague, adding that he was particularly critical of Trump’s foreign policy during the talks.

Some conservative media outlets reported that John Kerry met with several Iranian diplomats in Paris, France, several years ago.

The meetings allegedly occurred at the time of Trump’s cessation of the Iranian nuclear deal, which is the reason why many commentators accused Kerry of treason against the U.S.

They even pointed to the case of Michael Flynn, former Trump’s national security advisor, who was prosecuted for talking with Russian agents at the cocktail party, which, according to these media outlets, might be perceived as a less serious issue than what Kerry did.

Some commentators even recalled criticisms of Kerry’s claims about the de-weaponization of Syria.

Namely, Kerry triumphantly claimed that his efforts led to the complete removal of chemical weapons from Syria.

This claim was later called into question by several sources.

Even Kerry himself admitted that his statement was an exaggeration.