Just a few weeks after the Geneva meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin, Russian hackers associated with the military reportedly entered the system of Synnex, a California-based IT corporation providing services to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The New York Times reported that the SVR intelligence agency from Russia stands behind the cyber attack.

It was allegedly the second attack on American web entities in the last few weeks.

So far, there have even been some attacks on both RNC and the Democratic National Committee.

While some of the attacks against the latter succeeded, each attack against the Republican Party’s system failed so far.

Richard Walters, chief of staff at RNC, told reporters that no relevant data had been stolen during the attack, adding that Republican Party officials are working with federal authorities to investigate the background of the attack.

He also emphasized that the Party managed to promptly block Synnex’s links to its cloud environment and made contact with Microsoft to assess the situation.

Biden’s response to the attacks

It is indicative that the attack occurred in such a short time following the meeting of two presidents.

One of the topics discussed involved cyberattacks on American premises.

President Biden reportedly asked Putin to curb the Russian hacking activities and presented the Russian President with a list of 16 critical sectors, the attack on which would spur the response from the U.S.

In April, President Biden warned Putin that the U.S. would impose economic sanctions against Russia as a result of the SolarWinds breach reportedly performed by Russian hackers.

During his presidential campaign in 2020, Biden was even more decisive in the announcement of reciprocal actions against Russia.

But, following the latest attacks, Biden seemed much less concerned.

On Tuesday, the President told reporters that he was informed about the attack and is still gathering information about it, adding that it apparently caused negligible damage to U.S. businesses.

Biden announced that he would have more to say in the next few days after more information is collected.

Even though he tried to ascertain the audience of his ability to deal with the problem, the President refused to say whether the Russian President used attacks to test the American response.