YouTube, like the rest of the Big Tech companies, lives in the belief that it is invulnerable, subject to no rules and laws, and worse of all - privatize all of the pillars of the moral standard, as it is a piece of furniture they get the exclusive right on.

This attitude is especially the case in the U.S. where Big Tech companies act like “local sheriffs” terrorizing communities without any responsibility or risk of sanctions.

Things are getting worse by the day, and there is little hope that President Trump’s lawsuit will do much difference in terms of future accountability of tech moguls.

Still, there are places where you will be held accountable for your wrong-doings, no matter how much money and influence you have.

$118,000 fine for censorship and deleting a video of protests

And while American courts and the media have become hostages to the liberal and far-left policies of large technology companies, the situation in Germany is different.

A German court ruled that YouTube violated German law by intentionally ignoring a decision ordering Google-owned company to republish a deleted video of the Covid-19 protest in Switzerland.

The video showed people protesting against strict lockdown orders imposed in Switzerland during January.

YouTube declared that the video in question violated their “COVID-19 Medical Misinformation Policy”, completely ignoring German laws, and claiming that their task was to report on Covid-19 in a timely manner and prevent any spread of misinformation that could endanger public health.

YouTube’s policy was, of course, in conflict with German law, and as such, had to be amended, which the video streaming service did not do.

In all fairness, YouTube complied with the decision of the German court, but with more than a month of delay, when the damage was already done, which finally led to a record fine.

J. Steinhöfel, a lawyer who represented the American company in this lawsuit, stated that German laws must be respected, without delay and regardless of the conflict with policies.

Unfortunately in the U.S. such narrative is just a distant dream, and it’s hard to expect our lawmakers to pull themselves out of the jaws of influence and power of Big Tech companies and their one-mindedness.