In a shocking reminder about the reality of communist dictatorship, Dina Stars, a young Cuban journalist was taken away by Cuba’s KGB, or state security police, while she was reporting live for a TV channel in Spain on the unprecedented mass protests in the island nation.

Unprecedented in their scale and anti-regime messages, anti-government protests broke out on Sunday in Havana, the capital of Cuba, a country run by a brutal communist dictatorship since 1960.

Dina Stars, the young female journalist, was covering the protests demanding freedom, and was live together with a Cuban YouTube personality on Spain’s Cuatro TV.

She was discussing the demonstrations when her reporting got interrupted when “state security”, apparently the equivalent of the former Soviet Union’s KGB (meaning “Committee for State Security”), the intelligence and secret police guarding the regime, showed up at her door.

As she was telling that to the Spanish TV host, explaining that she needed to go and talk to the Cuban KGB agents, she was pulled away from her laptop.

The other guest panelist, a Cuban YouTube personality commented how sad it was that Dina Stars was being arrested.

The journalist’s laptop was then picked by a friend of hers while still filming live.

The Spanish host asked her to try to show the conversation between the journalist and the secret police agents without putting herself in danger.

Some shots of that could be seen but the conversation was inaudible from the distance.

The Spanish host remained on air as the journalist’s friends was trying to film Stars’ interaction with “state security”.

Shortly thereafter, Stars was allowed to return to her laptop, and told the host that she was being taken to the police headquarters and that she would hold Cuba’s government responsible for whatever might happen to her.

She said she was going alone but that her friends were going to follow her to the police station.

The video footage of the shocking on-air arrest was shared on Twitter by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent and whose parents fled to the US from Cuba before he was born.

Julie Chung, who is the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, tweeted that the world is watching how Cuba’s authorities are arresting and beating independent critics and peaceful protesters, such as Dina Stars.

Chung added a call for an immediate end to the repressions in Cuba.

Not surprisingly, the video showing how a young journalist was taken on air by the secret police of a communist regime has not attracted any comments of indignation on part of the usual crowd of supporters of the dictatorship set up by the Castros – such as Bernie Sanders.

One is left wondering whether that is what they want to be happening in the United States as well.