The Indian Supreme Court has demanded the release of a man who stated that “cow dung doesn’t cure Covid” on Facebook.

Leichombam Erendro was detained back in May for stating that cow dung and cow urine are not effective cures for Covid-19, which has devastated the country in the last few months.

His comments came after Saikhom Tikendra Singh, who was the state BJP president at the time, died from the disease.

More than bizarre

On Monday, Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah ruled that the detention of Erendro would be an unlawful act under the country’s constitution, whilst furthermore being a high violation of his basic human rights.

The Justices ordered that Erendro should be released from Manipur prison before 5 pm on the same day.

Erendro was arrested on May 13th, alongside journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem, for his Facebook post where he claimed that the true cure to Covid-19 was “science and common sense,” brushing off suggestions that cow dung and urine were an effective cure for the virus.

Around the same time, an Indian MP declared that she had not contracted the virus as she was drinking cow urine every morning, claiming that it helped protect against Covid-19 and other lung infections.

However, after Erendro’s Facebook post went somewhat viral in India, Manipur BJP Vice-President Usham Deben Singh and General Secretary Premananda Meetei launched an official complaint against him, claiming that his post was offensive.

This complaint led to Erendro’s arrest and detention.

Monday’s court ruling was a result of Erendro’s father issuing a plea for his son’s release, who described the imprisonment as “a shocking misuse of detention law to stifle innocuous speech.”

Erendro’s father stated that the judge had passed a detention order through the National Security Act, whilst claiming that they knew the case against Erendro was weak.

His father also stated that the actions against his son were done to “solely punish him.”