Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, which is known as one of the “wokest” corporate giants, has infuriated Israel as it declared it will no longer sell its products in what it called “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Ben & Jerry’s move has enraged most in Israel, uniting the country’s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his predecessor, long-time former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both of whom condemned the company’s “social justice warmongering” on the international stage.

Ben & Jerry’s pullout refers to two of the three “occupied” Palestinian territories, the West Bank and East Jerusalem which have Israelis living in them.

The third one, the Gaza Strip, has had no Israeli population since a force removal by the Israeli government in 2005.

Israel controls its borders but has no military presence inside it.

Anti-Israel ice cream

Some 600,000 Israelis reside inside the so called “occupied territories” of the West Bank of the Jordan River and the historically significant East Jerusalem.

The UN General Assembly, which is dominated by a non-Western majority of countries, routinely condemns what is referred to as the “Israel occupation” of those territories – which seem to be the reasoning used by Ben & Jerry’s for its ice cream pullout.

In a press release on Monday, the Vermont-based producer said it has a long-standing relationship with its licensee in Israel but it has now told its local partner that the license will not be renewed at the end of 2022.

The company added that while its products will not be sold in the “OPT” anymore, they will still be available in Israel “through a different arrangement.”

Both current Israeli leader Bennett and his predecessor Netanyahu expressed outrage over Ben & Jerry’s bizarre and ill-advised wokeism, with the former stating eloquently that the Vermont firm has chosen to “brand itself” an “anti-Israel ice cream.”

He added that the boycott against Israel demonstrates how the woke company has “totally lost” its way, and vowed that his country will oppose it “with all our might.”

Don’t buy Ben & Jerry’s

Isreal’s longest-serving Prime Minister, who was at the helm until several weeks ago, declared in a tweet that now Israelis at least are aware which kind of ice cream “not to buy.”

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group, an anti-Israel movement, has been ecstatic over Ben & Jerry’s ludicrous woke ice cream crusade.

It declared that “we warmly welcome” the company’s decision over the “illegal” settlements by “apartheid Israel” on “stolen Palestinian land.”

It further commended Ben & Jerry’s because its position on Israel’s “regime of oppression” corresponds with its position on the Black Lives Matter movement “and other justice struggles”.

However, it appeared to criticize the Vermont ice cream maker for not pulling out of Israel completely since it tweeted it hopes Ben & Jerry’s is aware that there is no way to conduct “business as usual” with “apartheid Israel.”

A Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson refused to comment before Fox News on the outrage of Israel’s current and former leader, and on whether the company supports BDS.

In 2020, Ben & Jerry’s took its malicious wokeism to a new level by declaring support for the Defund the Police Movement.