Viewed in a big-picture perspective, COVID-19 may go down in history as the single greatest instance of mass deception in the modern world.

The virus itself, of course, is very real, but virtually everything that has been told about it to the public by allegedly trusted and reliable sources has been either an outright lie or at least significantly short of the truth.

It’s simply false that COVID-19 is dangerous to everyone. Those who are below the age of about 70 and who do not have serious underlying health conditions are at virtually no risk for serious complications from the virus.

Most importantly of all, it’s false that lockdowns have been an effective strategy for combatting the virus.

In the United States, states that implemented lockdowns and mask mandates have virtually identical COVID case, hospitalization and death numbers to those that did not.

When the leadership of a country starts telling such blatant and self-serving lies to its own populace, it should not occasion surprise when people decide to emulate their leaders and being lying in turn.

That is precisely what teens from the UK have recently begun doing in growing numbers.


Reports are emerging that in the UK, teens have figured out how to manufacture false positives on their COVID tests. Hilariously, it appears that this can be done merely by applying soft drinks or artificial sweeteners to their nasal swabs.

This somehow fools the tests into declaring someone who is not sick COVID-positive.

And with their false positives in hand, UK teens have decided to start playing hooky. Considering all of the irrational terror that has been spread around schools with respect to COVID, even though there is no evidence at all that children are significant vectors for spread, a positive COVID test provides are ready excuse to miss school.

What teenager wouldn’t jump at the chance to do something like that? Also, how long before this little trick jumps the pond and comes to the U.S.? In all likelihood, it already has.