MyKayla Skinner, a U.S. gymnast made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games on Sunday, July 25. And like many high-profile people in this day and age, some of her previous remarks and actions have attracted some controversy.

One Reddit user named Dramatic_Quarter decided to compile a list of these controversial behaviors, declaring about Skinner that, “The way she conducts herself outside of gymnastics is an embarrassment to our country.”

Not everyone is likely to agree with such a harsh assessment, but here are some of the things that have gotten MyKayla Skinner into trouble ahead of her Olympic debut.

Gymnast in Hot Water

The 24-year-old Skinner is accused of having tweeted racist emojis back in 2016.

After being made into an alternate at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Skinner tweeted a picture of her head placed upon the body of Gabby Douglas, who is black. This offended some people. A Tumblr user also unearthed a tweet from Skinner where she used the n-word.

Some were infuriated by this, while others thought she used the n-word in an ironic way and were not bothered. In any case, Skinner later apologized.

Further angering people was the fact that Skinner contracted COVID-19 in December 2020. It is not clear whether she experienced any symptoms. In any case, during this time, she went out to restaurants and lived life as normal. Many have considered this behavior selfish.

Skinner’s attitude has also rubbed some people the wrong way. One viral video shows her getting angry at a judge and making a lunging motion after receiving a bad score.

Ultimately, after making her start at the Olympics, Skinner failed to qualify after competing in four events — the vault, the uneven bars, floor exercises and the balance beam — and racking up a total score of 55.389. This placed her fourth among American gymnasts and eleventh overall.

Since only two gymnasts from each country could go on to the finals, Skinner was sent packing. Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee qualified for the United States instead.

Afterward, Skinner took to Twitter and said, “Heart broken.” However, she also described feeling “humbled and blessed” for being able to compete at the Olympics.