If American patriots for some reason thought that the far-left radicalism monster and its daemons of Marxism, wokeism, critical race theory, and transgenderism, are only gnawing at North America and that things are better in the old democracies on the other side of the Atlantic, they are sorely mistaken.

Wokeism and lefty Marxism have gone on a wild rampage there as well, and much of that is “Made in the USA” imports.

In some respects, the wokeism situation in the European Union may actually even be called worse, especially when now taking into account a new document authored by lefty scholars affiliated and funded by the European Commission, the executive authority of the EU.

The report in question, which would be considered shocking and outrageous by any decent citizens of the Free World and any Western patriot, just plain and simple portrays humor as a tool of “far-right extremists” and its appearance online as a symptom of “far-right extremism.”

Our breathing is not censored… yet

Western Europe’s wokeist leftists are becoming bigger Catholics than the Pope as they now seem to be after laughter, humor, and satire in their quest to impose an all-Marxist and “social justice” dictatorship on the citizens of the European nations.

The absurdist report in question is entitled “It’s not funny anymore”, and subtitled “Far-right extremists’ use of humor”.

And it isn’t funny, indeed.

In a striking reminiscence of both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, evil wokeist leftists are trying to impose a total ban on anything that can stand in their quest for unlimited power over human minds and souls – and humor and satire are apparently prime suspects.

The support in question is authored by two leftist scholars from an EU-funded entity called “Radicalization Awareness Network” dealing with the “countering of violent extremism.”

The organization’s definition of course doesn’t explain that it doesn’t view far-left extremism of the Antifa-type or Islamic fundamentalism as “extremism” but instead seeks to crack down on the patriotic sentiments of the old European nations.

The report perplexingly states that humor is “a central weapon of extremist” movements, and is used to “subvert open societies” as well as “lower the threshold” for violence.

Apparently, its delusional Marxist authors think that an “open society” such as the kinds imagined by the likes of George Soros are not supposed to contain any “humor.”

Racist memes…

The report then goes all out fully Marxist as it states that “satire and ridicules” are “the most potent weapons” that are “known to mankind” (interestingly, here the report uses the politically incorrect term “mankind”, instead of “humankind”) – which might as well be considered a call to get into a time machine and go back to the height of the Stalinism Soviet Union.

The wokeist report funded with the money of the law-abiding European tax-payers in particular targets memes as a highway for “right-wing extremism.”

Its misguided Marxist authors claim that the far-right invest lots and lots of time and energy in order to produce memes as a tool for spreading its ideology.

It especially points out memes such as “Wojak”, “The Dog”, and “Pepe the Frog” as particularly “racist.”

While their imagination has run wildly by inventing humor per se as the ultimate epitome, symbol, and tool of “far-right extremism”, garnished with probably lavish payments of EU money, the authors of the report propose a fully unimaginative “solution” to their “problem”: censorship!

And in particular, censorship through de-platforming – a reminder of the radical left’s alliance with big tech designed to literally destroy the Western civilization, and a censorship tool we on this side of the Atlantic are all too familiar with, after the very President of the United States got de-platformed and censored while in Office!

The delusional authors of the insane, EU-funded report seeing humor as far-right are “Ph.D. candidate” Reem Ahmed and “doctoral fellow” Maik Fielitz.

It really isn’t funny.

It is said that the state structures of the West are being increasingly hijacked by evil radicals whose sole purpose is to destroy it.