With the Tokyo Olympic Games in full swing, the eyes of the world are riveted to all of the planet’s top athletes.

The Olympics are always a major cultural event, but during this year, in particular, they represent a welcome and much-needed reprieve from the world’s excruciating difficulties throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturally, with these new games, some old faces, like star gymnast Simone Biles, have made their return to competition. But also, there are new faces for America, and the world at large, to get to know. The fact that new events have been added to the games has stirred even more excitement.

But this welter of newness has also stirred some confusion. Strangely, many bemused viewers have sworn up and down that they have seen international pop superstar Lady Gaga competing at the games.

But that can’t be right. What’s the real story here?

Going Gaga for the Games

As you’ve all surely guessed, the competitor that many have said is Lady Gaga cannot possibly be the signer of “Bad Romance.” At the moment, the real lady Gaga has been talking about performing at Radio City Music Hall with Tony Bennett.

Instead, the person who has been mistaken for Lady Gaga is Julyana Al-Sadeq, an athlete from Jordan who is competing in taekwondo — and she really does look strikingly like Lady Gaga.

Al-Sadeq has already tasted Olympic gold once before, winning first place in women’s taekwondo back in 2018. By competing again, she is simply living her dream.

And as can be imagined, the internet is having fun over her resemblance to the pop sensation. “There can be a hundred people competing at the Olympics, and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal,” said once Twitter user ironically. This quote was a repurposing of something that the real Lady Gaga once truly said.

We all wish Julyana Al-Sadeq well, but in the meantime, the internet is having some fun.