Laurel Hubbard, New Zealand weightlifter who was born as a man but 8 years ago decided he is a woman, was quick to crash out of the Tokyo Olympics women’s weightlifting competition after three failed tries – and yet, he or she is now widely celebrated by delusional wokeist and transgenderist Marxist activists in the West as making history.

‘Accessible’: Men competing against women

The sick promoters of the shockingly perverse gender ideology believe that a man posing as a woman and competing in female sports is somehow a great achievement for humanity – hence the celebration of Hubbard’s botched appearance in Tokyo.

There are, of course, still sane, decent, normal people out there, including in the gender-terrorized West who have had the guts to stand up and speak out that Hubbard’s participation sets a dangerous precedent and soon there might be no place for actual women in women’s sports.

43-year-old Hubbard “transitioned” to being a “woman” in 2012, at the age of 35.

He, or she, on Monday competed in the 87kg+ category in the women’s weightlifting competition in Tokyo but failed all her tries.

Hubbard didn’t take questions from journalists after failing the contest but briefly expressed gratitude to Japan for hosting the games and to the International Olympic Committee for making sports “accessible” to everybody.

Apparently, allowing a biological man to compete as a woman is now what accessibility stands for.

‘Inclusion’ – and maybe losing on purpose

Hubbard did admit to not being “entirely unaware” of the “controversy” around his or her participation in the Olympics.

He – or she – argued that the IOC truly affirmed its commitment to Olympism principles by allowing his or her participation because that way it established sport as “inclusive and accessible.”

That’s what this is to wokeist, transgenderist Marxists – all about “inclusion”.

Never mind the biological women whose sport that is, and who didn’t get to have the male bone density growing up simply because, well, they are from different sex.

Of course, the berserk gender ideologists insist that there is no such thing as biological sex.

Next thing they will be insisting that the white color is black and the black color is white, namely, they claim that there is no objective reality whatsoever other than what they wish it to be.

Of course, the color example doesn’t stand with respect for race because there the wokeists are doing all they can to create modern-day racial segregation in order to use it in their reinvented class struggle against white male straight capitalist oppressors of everything in the universe.

Maybe Hubbard’s miserable loss at the Tokyo Olympics female weightlifting competition was deliberate – a victory for him or her would have really agitated the opponents of letting men compete against women.

The wokeist gender ideologues are going on a rampage but they are still really sly in that they like to make their “progress” gradual so that before we know it they can grab all the power, define what’s normal in their own terms – which they already are doing thanks to their alliance with big tech and the social media tools – and dehumanize humans to create what would be the most hellish dystopia of all eternity.