Transgenderism, alongside pro-racist wokeism, is the 21st-century plague of the entire West – and now perversion is unabashedly coming after the most precious thing that we have – our underage children!

And it can hardly be any consolation to American patriots that there are places elsewhere in the West where the transgenderist plague has gone even more berserk than in the United States - as it is being imposed by force and propaganda upon the entire population by evil, delusional liberal leftist Marxists seeking to destroy not just the nation state and capitalism but everything that is good and pure.

Hey, let’s make some 4-year-old transsexuals, won’t we!

The transgenderism promotion has now taken an especially horrifying turn in Scotland, one of the four nations of the UK, where the government has issued new guidance decreeing that even four-year-old children can now change their gender at school – and the parents’ agreement is not needed for that!

Imagine the insanity of “empowering” four-year-olds to make major life-altering decisions: you can vote at 18 or drink alcohol at 18 and 21 – but “transitioning” at age 4 from a boy to a pretend girl or from a girl to a pretend boy, or just into a “thing” – which is what the “non-binary” idiocy seems to entail – no problem!

There might be many who are insane that are pushing transgenderism but – make no mistake – the true force behind it are godless, malicious Marxists striving to invent a new “class struggle” based on “gender” and “race” in order to destroy nations, families, and societies so that can rise to absolute power in non-human neocommunism new world order.

And forget about being diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” - now all you need to do to “transition” is turn 4 – now in Scotland – and soon everywhere in the West slated by the neo-communists for utter corruption, depravity, and destruction.

‘Switch gender’ – like switching off the light

The new transgenderist guidance of Scotland’s government applies to primary schools, which are attended by four- and five-year-olds, The Daily Mail reports.

That is because the gender ideologues state that “recognition and development of gender identity” may “occur at a young age” – and so every “transgender” 4- or 5-year-old will be “supported.”

Besides terrorizing parents by imposing on the horror of being stripped of parental rights – such as the right to protect their children from evil, mindless neo-Marxist ideologies, the transgenderist guidance of the Scottish government also cracks down on teachers.

It bans them from questioning the “decision” of underage children who wish to “embrace” the sex-changing process.

Thus, the teachers are supposed to ask the children aged four and five about their preferred new names and pronouns.

This presupposes, of course, that at age 4, a child would have grasped the grammatical notion of a “pronoun.”

Under the good old ‘nicety’ guise

On top of all that, the transgenderist totalitarian guidance in Scotland tells schools not to even dare to inform parents if a student decides to change their “gender” – apparently seeking to carry out a preventive strike against any courageous resistance to the insane monstrosity of transgenderism.

Schools in Scotland are further instructed to include books with transgender people in their curriculum, to allow students to pick changing rooms and toilers, and also to consider imposing on innocent kids a gender-neutral uniform.

In the guidance, as always, the evil ideology of transgenderism seeking to destroy and subjugate the West by corrupting and abusing our innocent children in the process is hidden under the pretense of being nice: it justifies the transgenderist abuse by claiming to “meet the needs” of those “transitioning” 4-5-year-olds – so they can have a “safe, inclusive and respectful environment.”

According to Scotland’s Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville, the horrifying guidance details how schools should “support transgender young people” as they are “ensuring that the rights of all” students “are fully respected.”

Imagine that!

Imposing, forcing a totalitarian Marxist ideology that nothing exists, nothing is real – other than what the neo-communist censor wish it to be – there are no men and no women – and very young children are up for grabs to be lied on, deluded, confused, abused, and maimed for life.

So other than that, the rights of “all” will be “fully respected.”

Don’t worry – it ‘doesn’t’ promote transitioning! (wink-wink)

Somerville then has the cheek to state that the appalling, hellish transgenderist guidance “provides schools with practical suggestions” – practical for what?

The destruction and torture of innocent young souls?

Then the secretary also hides the guidance under the claim that it is “not prescriptive” and “does not promote transitioning.”


Because that’s clearly all that it does!

And if that is allowed to fly, soon it will not only be “prescriptive.”

It will be mandatory.

Or maybe those who are normal and wish to remain so despite fashion, peer pressure, institutional pressure, and government pressure, will be given the choice to remain normal – but only so that the “good kids” who transition have somebody to mock, harass and attack.

Sounds too dark?

Sure, but why not?

What’s going to stop them if they are already doing what they are doing capturing the entire West.

The Daily Mail report about the transgenderist horror in Scotland says that many are calling the “guidance” “shocking.”

However, it only cites the director of the For Women Scotland campaign group, Marion Calder, who said that in order to be transgender one needs to “have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.”

“What are they thinking?” Calder asks.

Apparently, they, the neo-communist totalitarians, are thinking they can already get away with everything and are already launching a frontal assault on all that is good and pure.

Calder then says that “parents will be very concerned” after reading the transgenderist “guidance.”

Except “concerned” is in no way going to cut it.

Being “concerned” was okay and should’ve been on table 20 or 30 or 40 years ago.

Unless the transgenderist plague is tackled head-on as soon as possible, Western civilization is done, plain and simple.