Despite the hopes of the leadership of the People’s Republic of China, Team USA once again dominated the summer Olympics – even though the competition was fierce, it still brought from the 2021 Tokyo games home to America both the highest number of gold medals and the highest number of medals overall.

How to invent a victory by factoring in territorial claims

The competition was indeed neck-in-neck, with the PRC leading 38 to 36 competition wins at one point, but Team USA added three more victories in the final contests.

Thus, in the final count, the United States won a total of 113 medals: 39 gold, 41 silver, and 33 bronze.

The People’s Republic of China remained second with 88 medals: 38 gold, 32 silver, and 18 bronze.

Yet, the propaganda of the ruling Chinese Communist Party has come up with a “shrewd” way to still “beat” America in medals on a technicality – which isn’t even real.

Chinese state media as well as users of Chinese social media platform Weibo are now presenting China as the big winner in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo by adding together the medals won by the PRC with the medals of both Hong Kong and Taiwan and even Macau.

In the case of such a propaganda perversion of the truth, the final medal count puts China & Co first, at least in terms of gold medals, not in terms of total medals won.

And somehow, in some rankings, the US count of gold and silver medals is reduced.

Thus, in one propaganda image of the made-up ranking, China has “42” gold medals, 37 silver, and 27 bronze, or 106 medals overall, while the US is ranked “second” with 38 gold, 39 silver, and 33 bronze wins.

So apparently, for the Chinese Communist Party and its fuhrer Xi Jinping, it is victory above all means – even if it didn’t happen and has to be made up.

Beijing is after victory at all cost – even complete lies

Both Hong Kong and Taiwan compete independently under the rules of the International Olympic Committee, where the latter is formally named Chinese Taipei, after Taiwan’s capital.

Both of them have their own National Olympic Committees (NOC).

And while Hong Kong is technically part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China as a special autonomous region after it was handed to Beijing by the UK back in 1997 – and where Xi has been carrying out a meticulous campaign to complete root out the Hong Kong democracy through brutal repression, Taiwan is even more off-limits for the PRC.

The island has been self-governing since 1949, the end of the Chinese Civil War won by Mao Zedong’s communists, and has been de facto independent in all but name.

As in Hong Kong, the Xi regime has been seeking to cower it into submission but Taiwan, a thriving democracy, is heavily armed and strongly allied with the United States and other democratic powers such as Australia and Japan, and is certain to exact a heavy toll on Beijing if Xi tries to take it by force.

The Taiwan News points out that some of the propaganda graphics even show China in the lead with a total of 42 gold medals, not 41 which would be the case if only Hong Kong and Taiwan are “included” – because in the former case, the communist propaganda also counts Macau, another autonomous Chinese district returned to Beijing by Portugal in 1999.

Macau, however, isn’t even recognized by the IOC as a NOC in its own right.

The Chinese government has already aggressively tried to project its fake win of the Tokyo Olympics even to the US audience after the Chinese consulate in NYC put out a statement condemning NBC News for not including Taiwan or the South China Sea – both of them claimed by Beijing in their entirety – in the map of shown during the Olympic parades.

The Chinese Communist Party is clearly after winning at everything by any means possible – including fake wins by complete deception.

America needs very strong leadership in its rivalry with China because it is already very clear what we are up against.