Not unlike the United States since the advent of Sleepy Joe Biden and his occupation of the White House, the other pillar of the West, Europe, or the European Union, to be precise, is also suffering under the pro-illegal immigration joke of misguided liberalism, with illegal immigration to the EU spiking by 59% in the first seven months of 2020 year-upon-year.

Tiny number but against the backdrop of huge numbers in recent years

According to Frontex, the EU’s external borders agency, a total of 82,000 illegal crossings were registered in January-July 2020 in the 27-nation bloc whose member states share supranational government institutions.

While the absolute number is not huge – especially considering America’s current situation with some 200,000 illegal immigrants per month crossing the US-Mexican border under the helpful watch of the Biden administration, it should be noted that the EU was particularly pummeled by illegal immigration over the past decade.

The EU has been seeing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants per year, from all over the Middle East, Africa, and even South and Southeast Asia, with some 1.3 million in the peak year of 2015.

EU member states such as Greece, Malta, Italy, and Spain have been hit disproportionately hard by illegal immigration, even though the prime targets for the migrants are Germany, Sweden, and the UK (which quit the EU in 2020).

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 brought a rather unprecedented lull in illegal immigration to the EU and the numbers seem to be still picking up.

The EU and its member state authorities have been notorious for being unable to deport those who aren’t entitled to asylum status, and huge numbers of illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries raising the threat of radical Islamism and Islamist attacks.

According to Frontex, in July alone, the EU received a total of 17,300 illegal immigrants, an increase of 33% compared with a year ago.

In June 2021, the number of illegal crossings stood at 14,600.

The routes

The Central Mediterranean route through Italy has already seen 30,000 crossings in 2021 so far, a whopping 96% increase compared with the same period of 2020.

More than half of the illegals in question came from three countries – Tunisia, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

At the same time, the Western African route to Spain and Portugal saw a total of 7,350 crossings but those amount to a staggering increase of 130% over last year.

The Western Balkans route saw an increase of 90% compared with the same period of 2020.

The Eastern Mediterranean route through Greece registered a 33% decrease in border crossings.

Many EU countries are presently living in fear over a potential giant wave of illegal immigration from Afghanistan where the Taliban have been allowed by Joe Biden to reconquer the country.

Overall, in Europe, even more than in the United States, as the latter is less cohesive being made up of different nation-states, illegal immigration has been a plague threatening to rip apart the fabric of the receiving societies in previously unheard-of ways.