A high-level ISIS leader has been captured in the city of Mosul by Iraqi forces after a recent raid, however, images of the arrest have sent social media into an absolute meme meltdown!

Shifa Al-Nima, who also goes by Abu Abdul-Bari in the Islamic State, was apprehended by an Iraqi SWAT team in Mosul on Thursday night, with intelligence reporting that Al-Mina was responsible for a fatwa (order/ruling) to bomb a historic site in the city; the Mosque of Prophet Yunus.

The site was destroyed by ISIS back in 2014, when the terrorist organisation gained control of the city of Mosul, by the fatwa of Al-Mina.

Now, images of his arrest have surfaced, showing the 300lbs leader being loaded into a truck to be taken into custody, creating a whole host of new memes mocking his size.

The story

Al-Mina has been a figure of interest around the world, with numerous intelligence agencies tracking his moves ever since the emergence of ISIS in the region.

Reports state that he is also directly responsible for the fatwas that led to the executions of numerous clerics and scholars who refused to pledge themselves to the organisation, as well as the executions of individuals that “incited citizens against the security forces.”

Upon his capture, Al-Mina was too heavy to be taken into custody by car, so the Iraqi SWAT team was forced to load him into a truck, with images of the movements being snapped and posted around on social media.

Many online were drawn to one particular comparison for Al-Mina, labeling him as the “Jabba the hut” of ISIS, a reference to the well-known gangster of the Star Wars franchise.

Other users made direct comments regarding Al-Mina’s weight, with all sorts of comments flying around social media over the weekend. One user stated that there was “no chance he was going to run away,” with another user stating that “there is no way he fasts during Ramadan.”

It has not been revealed where Iraqi forces will be taking Al-Mina, with his fate remaining unknown to the international community.