Videos have started to circle all over the internet, videos that depict Taliban fighters lounging around in the rather expensive ex-home of Afghanistan General Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Dostum, a former warlord, and US ally, reportedly abandoned his home and the city of Mazar-i-Sharif after Taliban rebels took control with ease.

Dostum had previously pledged to protect the city from the rebels but fled shortly after the fighting broke out on Saturday, with Afghan government forces surrendering their weapons and allowing the city to fall.

Many pundits have blamed the likes of Dostum for the military collapse in Afghanistan, as the Taliban rebels close in on capturing Kabul, the only major city in the country that is yet to officially fall.

The video footage

Video footage that has been released online depicting Taliban fighters enjoying their occupation of Dostum’s home has garnered a lot of attention over the week.

The video, seemingly released as a celebration of victory after the rebels took control of Mazar-i-Sharif, shows the fighters lounging around the home, enjoying themselves.

Russia Today described the footage as “resembling an episode of MTV’s iconic house tour program Cribs,” as footage showed the militants sitting cross-legged on the floor, lounging in oversized expensive armchairs as other fighters admired the home décor.

Another clip that circled afterward showed a fighter admiring a golden tea set that sat in the middle of the room.


Numerous pundits have placed the blame of the military’s collapse on the likes of General Dostum, after he escaped the city before its fall.

One pundit recognized that Dostum once controlled a significant portion of Afghanistan after he allied with the US-Northern Alliance in 2001.

However, that same pundit stated that Dostum was now just a “mythic figure” in the country, as the Taliban have started to gain control.

Henry Bolton, a British politician, and ex-soldier complained that the likes of Dostum, who lived a life of luxury whilst those under his command were left unpaid, is one of the main reasons why the Afghanistan military collapsed so quickly.

MSNBC host and political pundit Mehdi Hasan stated that footage coming out of Afghanistan stood as a reminder that many of America’s allies, including the”‘corrupt warlords,” have proven themselves to be “pretty awful.”

The Taliban have now begun their assault on the capital of the nation, Kabul, with US intelligence believing that the city could fall within 72 hours.