Conditions in Afghanistan Continue to Worsen as Taliban Encroaches

The United States embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, is warning Americans to shelter in place as the situation in the war-torn country continues to deteriorate.

Warning by Embassy

The embassy is warning Americans still in the capital city of Afghanistan that the situation on the streets is not getting any better. The warning specifically points out that Americans should avoid the embassy and the airport in Kabul.

The warning came as Taliban forces advanced on Kabul, prompting government officials to flee the region. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was one of the top officials who left the country. Ghani’s departure is what allowed the Taliban to finish its mission of taking over the presidential palace and the city.

What Is Next

The US government maintains that it is still trying to evacuate the thousands of Americans still stranded in Kabul. Meanwhile, personnel at the US embassy have been burning sensitive documents en route to abandoning the site and leaving everything to the Taliban.

There has been mixed messaging coming from US officials back in Washington, DC. While the first instructions to Americans led them to the airport to flee the city and head back to the US, further missives are instructing them to stay in place.

Chaos at Kabul Airport

There has been an unprecedented amount of chaos at the Kabul Airport in recent days, prompting the order to shelter in place rather than try to get to the airport without the proper assistance.

US citizens are being advised to register for the option to return to America as part of a repatriation assistance request.