Now that the Talbian has utterly swept over Afghanistan, some extremely harrowing scenes have emerged showing people desperate to escape the country after Biden announced the U.S. military’s withdrawal.

People have been flooding Kabul airport in droves, desperate to get aboard any aircraft they can. Civilian planes had already largely taken off from Kabul, taking as many people with them as possible — usually translators and other U.S. personnel who had been rendering their series to the war effort in Afghanistan. At that point, video showed people mobbing military aircraft.

The horror of these scenes and the degree to which the military pullout appears to have been botched is difficult to put into words.

People Terrified as the Taliban Takes Over

Within just days of the announcement that the U.S. military would be leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban appear to have captured nearly the entire country. This happened despite assurances from Joe Biden and his top foreign policy personnel that the Afghan army was well trained and would not fall to the Taliban.

While this is certainly an embarrassment for the Biden Administration, it also reveals something deeper which has not received as much comment: The war in Afghanistan was a fool’s errand from the very beginning. The Taliban were able to conquer Afghanistan as quickly as they did because the Afghan Army, trained and equipped by the U.S., simply had no genuine will to fight the Taliban.

In nearly all cases, the Taliban simply stormed into military bases and took them without a fight. Once the U.S. stopped paying Afghan military forces, those forces immediately surrendered to the Taliban and went home. In short, the entire Afghan government and military, which Biden bragged was 300,000 strong, was a giant Potemkin village.

And now, as a result of this, those in Afghanistan who took American money to oppose the Taliban fear retribution. That is why we now see horrifying videos of people grabbing onto military planes as they take off and then falling to their deaths as those planes take flight. So far, reports say that at least three people have died this way.

People have been mobbing airfields and runways so aggressively that video shows that helicopters were necessary just to be able to clear all of the people out and allow evacuation planes to take off.

Even worse, the Taliban has reportedly started taking potshots at some of the planes. The Taliban has also reportedly started killing protesters. It appears that on the morning of Monday, August 16, three people were killed by gunfire at the passenger terminal of Kabul International Airport.

All of this is absolutely horrendous. Remember that as this was happening, Joe Biden saw fit to go on vacation.