No surprises there: the murderous radical Islamist early medieval regime of the Taliban – the guys that Democrat Sleepy Joe Biden just put in charge of all of Afghanistan – are precisely that: murderous, radical, and medieval.

The Taliban’s Islamist propaganda charm offensive as they found themselves recapturing the whole country in no time – again, thanks to Joe Biden and his radicalizing leftist administration – has expectedly been nothing more than lies.

Where the Taliban spokesmen promised rights and justice – including women’s rights – there are sex slaves, terror, and purges.

Comedian killed by the Taliban

Perhaps nothing illustrates the Taliban’s evil, murderous nature than the case of Nazar Mohammad popularly known as Khasha Zwan – a beloved Afghan TikTok comedian who the Islamist terrorists have executed brutally precisely because of his humor, which included making a fair amount of fun of them.

Zwan entertained Afghans with routines mocking the Taliban through dance and song, and there was hardly any doubt what would be his fate when Biden allowed them to retake the entire country in 11 days.

Zwan was first dragged out of his home and then killed by a firing squad by the Taliban who also slit his throat – just to make sure that he is dead, as seems to be their custom.

Human Rights Watch says the brutal execution of this small, thin defenseless man was carried out at the end of July, right after Afghanistan’s second-largest city Kandahar, and Zwan’s hometown fell in the hands of the bloody fanatical murderers.

A viral social media video shows Zwan in the back of a car with one Taliban militant on each of his sides, one brandishing an AK-47.

In his final moments, the self-made comedian continues to mock the Taliban, causing one of the militants to slap him repeatedly across his face.

Reports say there are photos of his execution, in which was backed up against a tree and shot multiple times, and then when he was on the ground, probably already dead or dying, the bloodthirsty Islamist fanatics slit his throat.

The list of atrocities keeps growing

At first, the Taliban spokesmen denied involvement in Zwan’s sickening execution but later admitted that the executioners were Taliban, as cited by The Daily Mail.

They also said the suspects have been arrested and are to be tried in a Taliban court – and we can imagine how that’s going to go.

At the same time, the Taliban sought to dehumanize Zwan by claiming that he was somehow involved in the torturing and killing of Taliban members and that he should have been put to court instead of being executed without a sentence.

Zwan worked in the past for the Afghan National Police, which was good enough a reason for the Taliban to target him with a revenge killing.

Zwan’s death led many to pay tribute to him, including Ziauddin Yousafzai, the father of Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban in Pakistan in 2012.

The list of atrocities and human rights abuses committed by the Taliban recently has been growing.

Another shocking case includes the murder of nine men from the Hazara ethnicity in the Ghazni province in July – six of them were shot dead and the other three were tortured to death.

One man has made possible these scenes of early medieval religious fanaticism and brutality: the Democrat occupant of the White House Joe Biden.