On August 20, President Biden said that Americans who wanted to leave Kabul were having no trouble getting out. He said that about 18,000 people left in July. Since the airlift started on August 14, another 13,000 had left. Biden continued by saying that he was working with the Taliban so that every American who wanted to leave the country could get out.

When ABC’s Stephanie Ramos asked the president about sending troops in to help Americans get out that have not been able to get out on their own. Biden replied that they had gotten no reports that the Taliban had stopped anyone carrying an American passport from being able to get to the airport. He said that if he heard those reports that he would do whatever was necessary to ensure that Americans could reach the airport.

At almost the same time, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Politico that he had received reports of Americans being beaten while trying to reach the airport. He declined to say if American troops would move beyond the airport to get Americans out safely.

Secretary Austin says that the State Department has not received any orders to help Americans get to the airport. In contrast, Biden says that he has ordered the State Department to contact Americans who may still be in the country and make arrangements to safely get them to the airport.

According to NATO officials, at least 20 people have died at or near the airport since Biden announced that the United States was withdrawing from the 20-year war. Furthermore, eyewitnesses on the ground say that they watched Afghanistan groups beat back crowds trying to reach the airport on August 22.

This seems like another case where the media is standing up for Biden regardless of where the truth may lie.