It’s high time that American troops leave Afghanistan. After 20 years, American nation-building efforts there have achieved nothing other than to make a handful of military contractors very rich.

But the implementation of this pullout has not gone smoothly. What should have been a layup for the Biden team has instead turned into a complex series of events.

Now, the Taliban has taken to mocking Biden. The topic they have chosen is the fact that the Biden team has left enormous amounts of advanced American military equipment sitting around in Afghanistan for the Taliban to pick up.

The Taliban Starts Gloating

The Badri 313 Battalion is a special unit within the Taliban army. Unlike the traditional Taliban guerrilla fighters, these soldiers dress in more typical military gear, wearing camouflage gear. And now, this unit seems to have a gigantic cache of American rifles and other military hardware to play with.

Bari fighters have recently been posting pictures and videos all over social media of themselves wearing American military gear, carrying American weapons and driving American military vehicles — all of which the US Military has left behind.

All of this is cheeky and insulting enough, but the Taliban took things a step further with one especially grating photo.

The photo depicting American soldiers during World War II raising an American flag at Iwo Jima is an iconic image. And so, to rub salt in American wounds, the Taliban has decided to parody it. Dressing up in American military gear, Taliban fighters posed for a photo in which they raised the Taliban flag in the same way that those American soldiers once did at Iwo Jima.